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TSP Name: Stingray Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (TSP: 079669660)

Pipeline Id: C000412 Report Date: Apr 01, 2024 Orig/Rev Ind: O ("O" - Original Filing, "R" - Revised Filing)
First day of Calendar Quarter: Apr 01, 2024 Unit of Measurement for Transportation/Storage: B-MMBtu Contact Name/Phone: Irma Jarrett (713) 989-7679

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Shipper Name Shipper Id Affiliate Ind Rate Schedule Contract Number Contract Effective Date Contract Expiration Date Days Until Expire Neg Rate Ind Max Daily Quantity Max Storage Quantity FootNotes Agents/AMA Points
ANADARKO US OFFSHORE LLC 008824133 N FTS-2 1000 11/25/2008 N 0 X1 Y Y
ANADARKO US OFFSHORE LLC 008824133 N FTS-2 113234 11/01/2007 N 0 X1 N Y
ENERGY XXI GOM, LLC 135905656 N FTS-2 110692 12/09/2005 N 0 X1 Y Y

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