The Form of Interactive Internet Website Agreement (“Quorum Agreement”) must be filled out prior to gaining access to the Quorum System. This form should be signed by an officer of your company, or other person authorized to execute contracts. Item 17 of the Quorum Agreement should include the name of a Primary Contact for Quorum matters.

Exhibit A is the Agency Agreement, and, if applicable, should be signed and returned to Stingray prior to gaining access to the Quorum System.

Exhibit B is the Interactive Internet Website Access Request Form (“Quorum Access Form”). This form should be filled out for each person who will need access to the Quorum System. Check the appropriate boxes to which each person will need access. The person named as the Primary Contract from Item 17 of the Quorum Agreement may sign page 2 of each Quorum Access Form. However, if the Primary Contact requests an ID, that person’s supervisor should sign his/her Quorum Access Form since we don’t allow anyone to sign his/her own form.

Once completed, the applicable form(s) can be scanned, emailed or faxed. The email address/fax number can be found on page 5 of the Quorum Agreement and on page 2 of the Quorum Access Form.

Quorum Agreement

Exhibit A

Exhibit B